Mission Trip Overview

Come to Fiji and share in the beauty and culture of the South Pacific. Whether you are a dentist, an ophthalmologist, a construction worker, a teacher, an artist, a business person or a student, there is a place for you to serve the people of Fiji with The Mission at Natuvu Creek
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Medical & Dental Mission

The Mission at Natuvu Creek Welcomes You! We welcome anyone who is willing to come and serve with both time and resources. Whether you are a dentist, an ophthalmologist, a construction worker, a teacher, an artist, a business person or an enthusiastic youth, there is a place for you to serve the people of Fiji at MNC.

World Class Medicine: One of the most effective ways to serve the people of Fiji is by caring for their physical health. Many health problems, such as skin diseases and cataracts that would otherwise be permanently debilitating are relatively simple to cure at the clinic.

Through the generosity of medical professionals and volunteers alike, our Ministry of Medicine offers free medical care in a modern medical facility to rural Fijians.

Patients come to the clinic which is located on the eastern coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, from all over the island (pop. appx. 200,000) as well as from Fiji’s largest island, the capital city of Suva, the nearby islands of Taveuni, Kiowa, and Rabi. The population that can be reached by the clinic is in the hundreds of thousands.

Although the Fijian government works diligently to provide free medical care, specialized care is often not available or accessible, either geographically or financially. The result is many suffer acutely from debilitating, but treatable skin diseases, blindness, heart disease, various injuries, tooth decay, and more.


State of the Art Facilities

The doors of our 7,000 sq. ft facility are open from 8am to noon on weekdays, when Dr. Anibal Kalbermatter, a trauma surgeon and his wife, Nani, an R.N., see patients. Also on staff are administrators, orderlies, and facilities staff to help manage patient flow and keep the operation running smoothly.

The air-conditioned facility has a large waiting room and reception desk area, several exam rooms, and an operating room. Available equipment includes a full eye exam center, equipment for producing prescription eyeglasses, a surgical microscope, dental chairs, pneumatic and other dental instruments, an x-ray machine, general anesthesia equipment, and equipment for a more surgical theater.


Visiting Medical Teams 

The clinic welcomes medical specialists, including but not limited to ophthalmologists, dentists, oral surgeons, pediatricians, OBGYN’s, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiologists, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, health educators, and nutritionists.

While the Mission strives to equip the clinic as completely as possible, medical teams can help by bringing the specialized equipment and materials they need. We are happy to provide the most current list of modern equipment that is permanently placed at MNC.

Please consider sharing your gifts and your desire to help others by serving at the Mission at Natuvu Creek. You simply can’t give out as many blessings as you will receive from the deserving people of Fiji.


• Private Rooms & Dormitories  

There are 4 private suites above the clinic and 4 private suites in a building on the bay as well as shared family style housing on the beach. All buildings have beautiful views of the “extinct” volcano, jungle and ocean. All rooms are are tastefully furnished and have private bathrooms with shower. Above the clinic are two dormitories with shared bathrooms and showers.

• Rainbow Reef Resort

A private resort reachable only by boat just 20 minutes from the clinic. The setting is breathtaking, with ¼ mile of secluded white sandy beach, 4 private beachside bungalows, outstanding snorkeling just off the beach, gourmet meals served in the large indoor/outdoor restaurant, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing all just minutes away from the clinic. Resort open only to Mission volunteers and guests who enjoy a reduced rate. A wonderful place to spend time after serving with us.

• Dining Facility, Pool & Mission Cantina

Between the clinic and the ocean is a beautiful thatch dining area with a modern commercial kitchen. Adjacent to the dining area is a swimming pool that is salt filtered, which is healthier than chlorine and easy on the eyes and hair. To serve our visitors, the local community, and to raise funds for the clinic, the Mission has a small store and gift shop. It offers toiletries and other basic necessities; produce, staple, and snack foods; crafts from the local communities (such as woven baskets, purses, and mats); and Mission souvenirs including t-shirts, hats, etc.

• Travel Time and Lodging Costs

To get to the Mission at Natuvu Creek, there are several 11 hour non-stop overnight flights from Los Angeles to Fiji every week. A valid passport for 6 months after travel is required.

• All-Inclusive Package Pricing

Our all-inclusive package pricing includes:

  • Travel and trip coordination
  • Airfare (LAX-Fiji)*
  • Ground Transportation
  • Up to 7 night stay – Lodging with Wi-Fi
  • Meals (on-site only)
  • Fiji temporary medical licensing and International Helpers liability insurance
  • Local cultural excursions TBD
  • On-property activities: Swimming (beach or pool), kayaking, snorkeling, zip-line, guided hikes.
  • Not included – available for additional fee: Certified or non-certified diving, guided snorkel, fishing, massage, off-site resort stays. 


  • $2700.00 per person –dorm-style shared housing or private queen-suite double occupancy in above-clinic housing.
  • $2800.00 per person –private queen-suite single occupancy in above-clinic housing, or any beach housing, shared or single.
  • Add-a-night: $85.00 per night per person
  • Add-a-week: $500.00 per week per person

*Late booking, name changes, multi-city travel, or U.S. city departures other than LAX may incur an additional airline fee. If you will be booking your own airfare from the U.S., a $1200.00 credit will be applied to your package price.  If you are traveling from outside of the U.S., a price reduction will be made accordingly.  You may not book independently once a reservation and deposit has been made in your name or if doing so will bring your airline group to under 10 passengers.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your participation and donations are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Enjoy a Vacation “With a Purpose”

Fiji is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. The secluded white sand beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and salt water fishing are unparalleled. Whether you’re riding horses and enjoying the abundant fruit of the rain forests and coconut groves, hiking up extinct volcanoes, or sliding down natural rock water slides, you can’t help but feel you have traveled to a place outside of time, preserved from the chaos of our modern world. Not only is it beautiful, the Fijian people are likely among the friendliest people you will ever meet, and their traditional song, dance, and cuisine will enchant you.

Recreational Activities

For costs and a closer look at the most popular excursions, Click Here.

Swimming: The Mission has a beautiful pool (salt filtered – easy on the eyes) between the restaurant and the beach. Just off the beach is a floating dock to lay on between swims in the warm Fijian water.

Snorkeling: Just off the Mission beach and throughout Buca Bay you can find bright blue starfish, sea anemone, and other strange creatures. Bring your own mask and snorkel.

Sea Kayaking: The Mission has sea kayaks for you to explore the ocean in. Buca Bay is a beautiful bay that can be explored by kayak – the waters are generally calm. You can visit villages around the bay to experience the village life and hospitality.

Hiking the extinct volcano: Take an early morning guided hike up the volcano, just behind the clinic and on the Mission property. Keep up your energy along the way as you enjoy coconuts, sugarcane, and papaya, and don’t forget to ask for a drink from the indigenous “Watervine” (the freshest water you’ll ever drink). The hike reaches 1,200 feet above sea level and takes 4-5 hours round-trip.

The Medicine Walk: Hike through the Fijian jungle with one of our local guides and learn first-hand about the many medicinal, edible, and otherwise useful plants that can be found there. You will be amazed and often surprised at the amazing resources we overlook all around us.

Survivor person Camping Trip: A night in the Fijian jungle living off the land and learning survival techniques. This is a night that will connect you with the land and the incredible natural resources of Fiji that you won’t soon forget. And don’t worry, there are no snakes on Vanua Levu.

Coconut Tree Demonstration: Although man does not live on coconut alone, it could be argued that all you need for subsistence is a coconut tree. Watch in amazement as your Fijian guide shows you over 20 ways in which the coconut tree is designed to meet so many of our basic needs (e.g., shelter, fuel for fire, fuel for engines, baskets, ropes, medicine, food, drink, industries such as craft-making, blood transfusion, coconut oil, charcoal filtration, etc.)

Cooking Class: Learn from our resident foodies the fresh flavors and healthy recipes and techniques of Fiji.

Hiking Trails: The Mission has several marked & maintained hiking trails of varying difficulty and length for you to enjoy. See the staff for a brochure of the trails.

Volleyball: Challenge the staff or local villagers to a game of volleyball on the Mission’s ocean-side sand court.

Bird Watching: The rain forest in Tavueni Island offers excellent opportunities to avid bird watchers. ck summary of this vacation destination.

Scuba Diving: The Mission is in close proximity to the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. We can arrange for dive trips with experienced dive masters, all equipment included, leaving directly from the clinic. Certification is also available.

Fishing: Enjoy the beautiful Somosomo Straits just off the island as you fish for tuna, skipjacks, and other cooking and game fish.

Sailing: Rent the Mission’s 18′ catamaran and take advantage of the consistent sea breezes and calm waters in the bay. It’s a great way to explore.

Traditional Fijian Meke Dance: The Fijian meke is the name for the traditional dance of the indigenous people of Fiji, and is pronounced ‘ meh-kay ‘. It is a combination of dance and soulful rhythmic percussion and chanting, telling the stories of grand legends and battles won. The dance draws you in and connects you in a profound way to the authentic and ancient Fijian culture.

Traditional Fijian Lovo Feast: In Fijian, lovo means “earth oven”. Your Fijian hosts cook all day to create a feast of fish, chicken, and traditional vegetables wrapped in leaves and cooked underground along with hot coals. The earth acts as an oven, trapping the heat and cooking the food to perfection over a period of many hours. Prepare to be filled with the taste, aroma, sights, and sounds, of traditional Fiji as your hosts sing their melodic songs while you enjoy the feast. Salads, desserts, and fresh fruit drinks accompany the meal. The lovo feast is truly an experience that no visitor to Fiji should miss.

Horseback Riding: Take a ride through the Fijian jungle. Pick fruit along the way and learn about the diverse and rich flora and fauna of Fiji from your guide. Listen for the rare “Barking Dove”, a favorite among bird watchers.

Picnic on a Private Beach: Your Fijian guide will take you and a group of up to 5 other people to a private white sand beach – your own slice of paradise. Enjoy the warm water, the snorkeling, and the waves. Spend a few hours like castaways, truly away from it all – no cell phones, no vehicles, no agenda, no people other than you and your small tribe. Explore the area or just relax under the tropical sun in an idyllic setting.

Waterfalls and Rock Water Slides of Taveuni:. Enjoy one of Fiji’s most unique natural wonders, take an excursion to the nearby island of Taveuni and slide down the natural rock water slides and/or hike and swim among the island’s towering waterfalls.

A day at Rainbow Reef Resort:  Know what it’s like to have your own private island! Enjoy the idyllic setting of rainbow reef. Have lunch on the two-story veranda, play volleyball on the professional court, walk the Peacock Trail (where several peacocks live and roam) among the fruit trees, discover the lemon trees and private beach at Pirate’s Cove, see hundreds of fish while snorkeling just off the beach, pick a coconut that the staff will open for you, or just take in the perfect wind and waves as you stroll along the soft white sand.  Overnight bookings are also accepted.

Massage: Schedule a therapeutic massage while you enjoy the ocean breezes under the shade of the beautiful rain tree.

A birdseye view of beautiful Rainbow Reef Resort!

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