Meet The Team

The Mission at Natuvu Creek is founded on service above self. Our dedicated staff & volunteers are the people who make it all possible.

Marta Tooma DDS,  Co-Founder

Dental Director


Marta is a graduate from Loma Linda School of Dentistry, ’85. She has been volunteering in Fiji and leading dental student teams since 1997. She and her husband, Tom, established the Mission and Natuvu Creek in 2006. She is the Dental Director of the Mission and serves as a volunteer dentist and community health awareness leader.

Tom Tooma MD,  Co-Founder

Ophthalmology Director


Dr Tooma is a fellowship trained corneal transplant surgeon currently specializing in refractive and cataract surgery in Newport Beach, California. He is the Medical Director for the nationwide NVISION Eye Centers.   Tom and Marta take medical and dental groups to Fiji several times each year and perform surgical and medical eye care and dental care.


Dr. Denis & Ornella Kalbermatter

Resident Clinic Directors

Denis Kalbermatter, RN, DDS, is a registered nurse as well as a dentist. He and his wife, Ornella, are currently the Mission’s resident Clinic Directors, having taken over this role from Dr. Denis’ mother and father. Dr. Denis and Ornella manage the day-to-day workings of the Mission and live onsite to assist our visiting volunteers.  With their two young children, they are a blessed addition to the Mission at Natuvu Creek team!


Dr. Aníbal & Nani Kalbermatter

Overseeing Medical Directors

Anibal Kalbermatter, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, and wife Nani, a registered nurse, have been our resident Medical Directors since 2008. Their dedication to the Mission has positively impacted thousands of families in Fiji over the last 10 years. Now living in their native Argentina, Dr. Anibal and Nani remain our overseeing Medical Directors, making frequent visits to the Mission during Dr. Denis’s transition to full time clinic and medical director. 


Janet Walker – Trip Coordinator


Janet has had a heart for volunteer mission work for nearly 20 years.  For eight years she coordinated the Orange County chapter of the Flying Samaritans, making over 60 volunteer mission trips to Mexico.  Janet also coordinated vision clinics for the Flying Samaritans and LIGA, providing over 1000 pairs of glasses to needy people in Baja and Mainland Mexico.  Knowing and working with Tom and Marta Tooma since 1999, Janet made her first volunteer mission trip to Fiji in 2015.  For questions about scheduling a trip to the Mission, or if you have questions about making a donation,  contact Janet at

Clinic Staff

 Employing staff members and housing their families on mission property, you’ll meet Siwa, our operations and spiritual director, and the entire staff who manage the grounds, kitchen, rooms and activities. Click Here to meet our individual staff members and families.