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   The Mission At Natuvu Creek Team Welcomes You …

    A letter from our founder



Dear Friend of MNC,

You should be nervous. Fiji is very primitive and cannibals still exist.  The temperature is humid and pleasant, very much like Hawaii. Sometimes you get so much rain you see cats and dogs falling from the sky.

You probably should take clothes you want to leave behind. Everything gets so dirty and stained with the mud and plants that you can’t clean it. Take snorkeling stuff. Also, you need to pack light because the little plane ride only allows a duffle bag per person.

There are no snacks or junk food, so if that’s important, you need to pack it with you. Also, there are no alcoholic drinks, wine or sodas and only vegetarian food.  Just pretend you are on a survival TV show!

The accommodations are brand new and nice. Don’t forget bug spray, Benadryl and Z-Pak for dengue fever. There is no malaria…fortunately. Have Fun!

Yours truly,    -Marta


DON’T WORRY … Marta wrote the above as a tongue in cheek note to a friend several years ago who was worried about traveling to Fiji

If this is your second or third trip you know everything besides the cannibals is pretty accurate: Fiji is truly paradise and The Mission at Natuvu Creek is a safe place to serve.We are excited for your trip to Fiji and want it to be fantastic!


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Please know your personal information is completely safe as well as any credit card information. We will never sell or share your contact information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@natuvu.org with any questions or concerns you may have about your trip.




Marta and Tom Tooma, Founders
Mission at Natuvu Creek