Job Training & Entrepreneurship Programs

We believe there are countless ways to apply ingenuity and resources to develop simple, but effective opportunities for the residents of Buca Bay to earn a living without having to leave their communities and families in search of work in the cities. Most needed are the training, funding, creative initiative, and distribution channels to help make grass-roots industries viable.

An Opportunity To Help Locals Help Themselves

Access to business and job training, micro loans, channels for marketing and selling products through the internet and other modern media are all but absent. Most rural Fijians are simply in need of a job that will make them $100 per month.

At the Mission, we strive to emply as many local people as possible, not only creating jobs for the community, but encouraging a sense of local ownership for the Mission. Today, about 10 Fijians are on staff at any given time for the everyday running of the clinic and other facilities.

We are initiating other industries on-site that will employ more people and generate revenue to cover the cost of operations. A primary focus of this initiative is the harvesting and processing of coconuts for products such as bio-fuel, virgin coconut oil for use in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries, charcoal for filtration systems, fiber mats for landscaping, native crafts and other uses. Other initiatives include opening a store at the bus stop/ferry landing located on the clinic grounds for both local residents and visiting groups and the development of a Mission farm and greenhouse facility. Additional ideas include bee keeping, local craft sales, and cultivating pearls in Buca Bay.

We invite those who have skills in entrepreneurship, management, training, finance, or other experience that can help stimulate grass-roots industry to join us. Please help MNC in our grass-roots industry initiative, where so little can have so great an impact.