Excursions & Activities

When you take a break from service, why not enjoy the beauty and wonder that Fiji has to offer?  We can help arrange activities and excursions on the Mission campus and nearby.  Scroll down to see some of the wonderful offerings on and near the Mission at Natuvu Creek.

The MNC Experience

Island Fun and Activities

“Vacation with a purpose”….Now it’s time for some fun!  You’ll get to enjoy many activities for no additional charge at the Mission…. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, climbing the volcano, volleyball, ping-pong, Zip-line and more!  Additional excursions and activities are available for a nominal feel.  Enjoy the beauty and excitement of Fiji!

For additional activities or fees not listed, including fishing, diving, massage or private car or boat transport, please contact janet@natuvu.org.

All prices are USD and approximate.  Prices may vary based upon group size. Check with your group coordinator before purchase.

Note: Some excursions include refreshments or a meal.  Fees for all-inclusive lodging at the Mission will not be reduced if guests choose an excursion that includes a meal.

Organized Snorkel or Dive

 snorkle$60.00 pp Snorkel / $200.00 pp Tank Dive

Snorkel or dive with a certified guide at the world famous Rainbow Reef and learn about the amazing sea life in this beautiful ecosystem.  Includes equipment. Dives are available for certified and non-certified divers.  Speak to your travel coordinator for details. Additional boat fees may apply.

    Organized Snorkel Trip
    Certified or Non Certified Tank Dive

Natural Waterslide

waterslide$25.00 per person

Located in the rainforest of Taveuni, you’ll take a guided hike to reach a series of beautiful falls that form a thrilling natural waterslide.  Whether or not you brave the slide, you can relax in a cool natural pool that is deep enough for swimming. The cold water feels very refreshing on a hot day. Bring jean shorts or heavy shorts for sliding. (Price does not include boat ride to Taveuni)

A great activity to combine with a day visiting the Organic Sanctuary.

Bouma Falls

bouma$65.00 per person Taxi to the other side of Taveuni Island to visit Bouma National Heritage Park and waterfalls. Dive & swim in the cool waters of this natural wonder with a packed lunch. (includes entrance fee and taxi.  Does not include boat to Taveuni)


Organic Sanctuary

 gaia$50.00 – $100.00 per person

An elevated, organic sanctuary with cool eco domes that survived Fiji’s most powerful cyclone and may become a standard of building excellence in Fiji.  Take a break from the heat and enjoy beautiful sweeping views and upscale refreshments from their organic gardens.  Have cooking, coconut or ice cream making demonstrations. Price includes taxi. Does not include boat to Taveuni)

    3 Hour Visit with Refreshments: $50.00 per person
    Full day with Brunch $100.00 per person

Waterslide visit included if desired.


Rainbow Reef Resort

 $40.00 pp Day Trip / $200.00 pp per night Overnight

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own island?  Experience it for an afternoon…. or for a night or more!  Enjoy a spectacular private beach resort with a traditional Fijian welcome song as the boat pulls in.  Swim, snorkel or dive in the legendary Rainbow Reef. Pamper yourself with a massage.  Includes lunch (day trip) or meals (overnight). Does not include boat transportation.  Instructed dive and massage extra and  must be arranged in advance of visit. 

    RRR Day Trip
    RRR Overnight (add quantity for # of nights to cart)

See what some of our guests experienced at Rainbow Reef!

Kioa Village

kIOA$35.00 per person  or $50.00 per person with Lovo Feast

Visit the little island of Kioa and get a glimpse of the Tuvalu culture. Settled nearly 70 years ago, approximately 80 families from an island 1000 miles away now live in Kioa. Experience a tour, history discussion, amazing traditional drum and dance show, and have an opportunity to purchase the “handcrafts” of this traditional Polynesian village.

Interested  in a little more culture?  Stay for a Lovo – a traditional “in the earth” pit barbecue feast and celebration.  May require minimum group size.

Does not includes boat ride from the Mission.

    Kioa Village
    Kioa Village w/ Lovo


Cannibal Cave

cannabal$15.00 per person Dare to take a challenging guided hike and climb to visit the home of Fiji’s last cannibal tribe, where few people have visited and human bones still litter the caves! We promise… we haven’t lost a volunteer to a cannibal yet!  



Meke & Drum Show w/ Lovo Feast

meke$300+ (depends on size of group for Lovo Feast.  Approx $20 per person for most groups).  Bring the entertainment to you!  Enjoy an evening with a fish feast at the Mission and a spectacular traditional Meke dance and drum show. The show always varies, you may even see Fire Dancers!  10 to 30 dancers. Price varies depending on number in group, available dancers and transportation requirements. Contact booking@natuvu.org for a quote for your group.


Boat to Taveuni (from Mission)

$400.00 per group (up to 30) bOx6WFKxfm7HQDK5ZLpEYTS5qDms7XFFcYBhmLKyACAO8Ds9PYMtemCn8CcxxpK6D

Round Trip boat transport to Taveuni Island from Mission at Natuvu Creek

Boat to RRR (from Mission)

$300.00 per group (up to 30) bOx6WFKxfm7HQDK5ZLpEYTS5qDms7XFFcYBhmLKyACAO8Ds9PYMtemCn8CcxxpK6D

Round Trip boat transport to Rainbow Reef Resort from Mission at Natuvu Creek

Boat to Kioa (from Mission)

$210.00 per group (up to 30) bOx6WFKxfm7HQDK5ZLpEYTS5qDms7XFFcYBhmLKyACAO8Ds9PYMtemCn8CcxxpK6D

Round Trip boat transport to Kioa Island from Mission at Natuvu Creek

Interested in helping the Mission Foundation cover costs? We happily accept donations in any amount!  The Mission at Natuvu Creek is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  EIN: 26-0008503