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Building Project

Individual Bure Building Project As part of the Master Campus Plan we have developed plans for 12 one and two bedroom private bures. These bures will be used to house overflow guest, couples for marriage retreats and others. We estimate cost for each bure to be: $25,000 US – 1 bedroom, $30,000 US – 2 bedroom. For more information on how to be a part of this exicting project please contact Marta Tooma.   One Bedroom Bure Bure includes one bedroom, living area with pull-out couch, porch, bath, small sink and hotel size refrigerator. MNC requires all meals be eaten at common cafeteria.         Two Bedroom Bure Bure includes two bedroom, living area with pull-out couch, porch, two baths, small sink and hotel size refrigerator. MNC requires all meals be eaten at common cafeteria... read more

School of Dentistry students Volunteer at Buca Bay

School of Dentistry students volunteer at Buca Bay   The Buca Bay clinic is on the grounds of Vatuvonu Adventist School in Fiji. Here, students warmly welcome the School of Dentistry team. In June, dental and dental hygiene students traveled to Vatuvonu Adventist School where they would provide dental care to the people of Buca (pronounced “butha”) Bay, Fiji. The group flew nearly 12 hours via Air New Zealand, then had a five-and-a-half hour layover in the middle of the night in Fiji. For the remainder of the trip, the group flew in a small, 10-seater plane for nearly two hours more; then rode another two hours over unpaved, bumpy dirt roads to Vatuvonu Adventist School. This group was one of 14 that spread out around the world in 2001 providing dental care to more than 2,000 patients. Service learning is an integral part of the process of becoming a Christian professional. There were no phones, hotels, stores, or restaurants in Buca Bay. The school has a coed dorm (concrete floors) and outdoor showers. The beds were metal cots with mosquito netting. Power is run by generators, which meant lights out at 9:30 p.m. Vatuvonu Adventist School and the clinic on its grounds are a special project of the Dream Machine Foundation, founded by Steve Arrington, former lead diver with Jacques Cousteau. Fourth-year dental student Shea Bess (right), who rallied his classmates to join the mission trip, works with Steve Wernick. The group that made the trip in June, 2001, included fourth-year dental students Jason Ballou, Shea Bess, Byron Diehl, Michael Giddings, Todd Schroeder, and Steve Wernick, and third-year... read more

Upcoming Events:

Western University Optometry School Trip – 7/26/15 – 8/5/15


Arizona Eye Center Ophthalmology Trip – 8/8/15 – 8/12/15

Shepard Eye Center Ophthalmology Trip – 9/12/15 – 9/20/15

Mission Clinic Staff Training and Retreat – 10/8/15 – 10/12/15