Situated on 750 acres...

...and encompassing an extinct volcano that reaches an altitude of 1,200 feet at its peak, down through rain and bamboo forests, to the shores of Buca Bay, is where the free clinic and other facilities of the Mission at Natuvu Creek are located. It lies on the eastern coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji's 2nd largest island.

Built to serve the rural people of Fiji, the clinic offers an expanding array of medical services.

The Mission also promotes job training and entrepreneurship through the development of grass-roots industries such as tourism, coconut harvesting, and food production. In addition, the Mission is initiating plans for the construction of a secondary school that will be largely scholarship-based and will offer excellence in education while enabling local children to stay with their families rather than travel to the cities.

Finally, the Mission serves as a base for visiting individuals, families, and teams seeking to serve the people of Fiji and enjoy Fiji's unspoiled beauty. The Mission at Natuvu Creek is a non-denominational faith-based organization.

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MNC History

In 1998, Steve Arrington, former lead diver with the Cousteau Society and founder of the Fiji-based Dream Machine Foundation, asked California dentist, Marta Tooma, to lead a group of dental students from Loma Linda University on the Foundation's first dental outreach program to Fiji. The accommodations were primitive and the equipment minimal, however, the need was so profound everyone felt compelled to return. While Fijians are surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty, they live with limited medical and dental care especially in outlying areas.

In 2000, an 850 acre parcel of land at Buca Bay became available and was purchased by the Tooma Family Foundation. 100 acres were donated to the Dream Machine Foundation to allow for their future expansion with youth.

The Tooma's themselves desired to build a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility to give back to the generous and kind people they had come to know and love.

"When mission groups leave Fiji, they will often make a gift of their non-essential clothing to the impoverished local people. We made a practice of this until one trip Marta's bags were lost in transit. The local people made a gift to her of their best outfits, for many their only nice one. Rather than giving out of their surplus, the Fijians gave their very best. Our desire was to build a clinic, not just to meet the basic needs of the people, but to build a world classfacility, an extravagant gift to the people of Fiji that is a reflection of the extravagance of God's love."

And so, in 2005, after much planning and countless miracles, the process of building the Mission at Natuvu Creek (MNC) began. Wayne and Lois Oldham and their two children accepted a call to become the general contractor to oversee the construction. The facilities were completed in mid-2008, when Anibal Kalbematter, M.D., and his wife, Nani, R.N. took up full-time residence as Medical Director and Managers of the Mission.

Development continues with ongoing medical outreaches expanding into an increasing numbers of specialties and the goal of beginning construction on a secondary school by the end of 2011.

Since 1998 and that first dental outreach, thousands of patients have received free medical care by hundreds of volunteers. God has answered many prayers and opened many doors for the project to move forward.

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Building Project:

As part of the Master Campus plan we plan to build 12, one and two bedroom bures for housing for volunteers as well as retreats and other events. more

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